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F.O.R. Collective II - FOR Funk!

It was such a rewarding experience putting together the original 'FOR Collective' album that I couldn't just let the concept die. FOR Collective is now the overall brand for my songwriting, recording, and performance projects. In September 2019, I will release 'FOR Collective II: FOR Funk!'. On this project, I recruited my favorite funky Michigan musicians to record a 5 song EP at Reed Recording Co. in Bay City, MI.  The album contains original songs I wrote and sing, with an all-star rhythm section and horns. This EP is much different than the first FOR Collective album. I LOVE that project so much, but I never could contain my music to any specific genre, and I've always loved listening to and playing funky jams. You don't get much funkier than drummer Steve McCray - then add in bassist Joe Clark, guitarists Scott Van Del and Michael Robertson, keyboardist Loren Kranz, horn players Jim Rosborough (sax)  and David Selley (trumpet, flugelhorn), and guest vocalist Honesty Elliott and Christin Nielsen and you get FOR Funk! Singing and playing harp over these grooves was exciting! Co-producers Andy Reed, Michael Robertson and I worked hard to get a greasy, old school feel on these songs. I love the results! The FOR Funk Band is amazing - this is a FUN album to listen to!  I can't wait to do more FOR Collective projects...